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State of Arizona Substitute W9 & Vendor Authorization Form Purpose: Establish or update a vendor account with the State of Arizona. This form meets the Federal requirements to request a taxpayer
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Instructions and Help about arizona w 9 form 2019
Hi folks welcome back to mind your own business my name is Steve in this video I'm going to talk about a w-9 form a w-9 form is an IRS form used in the United States that independent contractors supply to their customers w-9 forms can be easily found on the web you go open up a google search engine and type in IRS w-9 and there may be more than one version out there you'll look for the date you'll want the like at the time I'm making this video which is March of 2014 the revision from August 2013 is the latest one they don't change much but you should make sure you get the latest one so here's the w-9 form and this is really pretty easy to fill out however it does come with about three pages of very detailed instructions now there's two things you can do at this point you can either choose to print this form on to a printer and then fill it out by hand which is perfectly fine or you can save the form to your computer and fill it out on the computer before printing so I'm going to do the latter just to make it easier to illustrate my point while I'm filling out these forms online I've actually saved that form to my computer I'm going to open it up okay here's my form that I've saved notice the difference between this one and the one that I just was looking at in my web browser is that now these fields are blue and I can type in them okay I'm going to put in my name this needs to be my legal name the same way it would appear on your income tax return the second line is business name or entity name if you have registered for a legal business name then you would put it here this is not a required field if you don't have a business name this section right here is check the appropriate federal tax classification that's also another way of saying what business type are you are you a sole proprietorship and file a Schedule C are your corporation an S corporation partnership etc if you're not sure what you are then you need to do some homework there most people starting out as an independent contractor who have not formally created a corporation or an LLC would be considered an individual sole proprietorship there's also an exemption section which is optional but you do need to read the fine print to see if that's applicable to you in my case I've never had to fill that out also this other section I've never had to fill out and then we get down to address and that's pretty simple that's going to be your business address now if you're operating as an independent contractor and you don't have office space and you haven't rented a mailbox for your business address then I would just use your home address okay requesters name that too is optional when I give these out to my contracting customers I never fill this out I usually do anywhere between Oh two two maybe as many as six of these a year as I take on new new customers operate when I operate as an independent contractor okay social security number or employer identification number most of the time for...